Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Independent Writing

    Independent Writing 

A day in Life of War

Four days, twelve hours, hidden in the wall of an old merchants house. I could hear the banging of guns. The smell of smoke billowed in the air. My stomach growled loudly under the sound of bullet shells dropping onto the ground. 

My heart skipped violently, some one was breathing against the wall, his breath smelt like the black tobaco powder my father used to stuff his tobaco pipe with. I could hear his shoes vibrating on the oak wood floor. I held my breath and pushed myself against the inside of the wall, the man was knocking at the wall paper. The man went but I could still hear some one breathing, as if he was in shock. 

I crouched down and flattened myself so I could peek through the mouse hole. The Merchant was hit in the head causing him to bleed. He coughed and rolled over on his side and tried to get up, he failed. He went to sleep a few minutes later. My breathing almost stopped immediatly and I sat up straight. i thought for a moment started crying what was I going to do while he was sleeping WAS HE DEAD, I whimpered at the thought of it, I decided to hide in another house. I will sneak out and hope that no one will see me, no one would think i'm a... Jew. Well thats another day maybe tomorrow. The pressure was on.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Meh setting

    The FROSTY
By Mei

The Crashing of the Waterfall flowing down the current of the Forest river. A smooth blue stone outlining the river shaded by the rooftop of leaves. A small hard village among the mist of gold. Water trickles down the trunk of a Jungle tree. The trees drip into the river as it sheds its leaves becoming barer by the minute. A cold feeling by the river bank. The leaves rustle in the wind dancing through the moist soil. Winter lurks around the corner as frost covers the vines. Vines gently sway in the cold bitter wind. Colder and Colder by the minute frost comes and goes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Friday, May 15, 2015

River Isles

River Isles
By Mei

Chapter 1. Everest falls                                          

Maple bridge was home to many animals including the Fennec Fox and Red Wolf. The Red Wolf had traveled for a long time to get away from its stripped habitat. The Fennec Fox was dumped there because of farm destruction. But here at River Isles all the animals got along, well used to get along. It all started when Arvis the lone hare had started making fun of the Chook and then every other animal got involved.